People Think That Kim Kardashian Is Grabbing Kanye’s Dick In This Photo…

Some people don’t believe this. Some people do. So of course, I decided to inform you guys about the truth. I’ve seen loads of clickbait articles on this photo by several media outlets. I know, it’s extremely shocking…

As I’m not the type of guy to make a clickbait article, I can promise you that what I’m about to write is the truth. So there will be none of that “KIM GRABS KANYE’S DICK AND TWITTER IS IN MELTDOWN” rubbish.

Basically, she was grabbing her bag.

Some people have thought that Kim is grabbing Kanye’s dick. To be fair, the colour of the bag and his trousers were the same- so it’s an easy mistake to make.

But I think that we should taker a closer look…


Image: Twitter

Hmm, I think that we should zoom in even closer…

Image: Twitter

Image: Twitter

I think that’s all I need to say.

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