Philadelphia Zoo Is Having A Gorilla Naming Competition For A Newborn…

I would like to invite everybody to stop what they are doing, and get their dicks out for Harambe. May he rest in peace.

A Zoo in Philadelphia, USA, has recently welcomed a new baby Gorilla to its family. The baby Western Lowland Gorilla was born a few days ago- and the Zoo is inviting members of the public to help choose a name for it.

Image: Philadelphia Zoo

Image: Philadelphia Zoo

Unfortunately, Philadelphia Zoo are aware of what you are thinking, and will not be naming it Harambe. When the news was announced that a Gorilla of the same species as Harambe was born, Twitter was absolutely delighted:

In an official statement, the Zoo said:

“We are having a voting opportunity for the community once we have better determined the gender of the baby and have worked internally with the team that has cared for the pregnancy and birth.”

This exciting news comes just weeks after Cincinnati Zoo deleted their Twitter account due to people constantly referring to Harambe in their tweets.

I guess that it’s just a massive shame that we will never see Harambe II in the USA.

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