Photos Of Bride & Groom Go Viral After Explicit Images Of “Foreplay” Leaked…

Pretty much any wedding photographer would think that they hit the jackpot if they went outside to find the Bride & Groom going at it. But then again, it would be pretty awkward watching. Damn, I feel bad for the cameraman in porn videos.

But surprisingly, it turns out these photos were 100% staged. That’ll be some great pictures for the Grandkids…

Image: : Matt Hodgson Photography

Image: : Matt Hodgson Photography

Fortunately for the attendees, the explicit photos were taken away from the main event. What better way to show your love for each other than going for a quickie at an event your whole family is invited to?

Gareth said:

“The photo was both of our ideas. We wanted to do something a bit different. Nobody knew about it except the photographer. He found it hilarious when we told him what we wanted before the big day – he loved it.”

Image: : Matt Hodgson Photography

Image: : Matt Hodgson Photography

After a few weeks, the couple decided to share the photo on social media. Although their families seemed to love it, their wedding antics received a lot of criticism from members of the public.

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