Photos Of Donald Trump’s “Victory Celebrations” Revealed…

The election of Donald Trump has sparked both praise and controversy around the world. Whilst people such as Vladimir Putin are fairly happy with the news, Hillary Clinton supporters have decided to riot the streets of America. Being as they criticised President Trump for saying he wouldn’t accept the result of the election if he lost, this is extremely ironic.

But how does the Trumpsta celebrate? He holds one f*cking amazing house party!

I’m pretty sure that Donald get a cool spray tan, and then invited women in bikinis to his new office. Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Oh why would he do that? There’s no photographic evidence!”. That’s where you are wrong my friend.




Images: Solent News


Although these photos are highly convincing, they were actually staged by a British photographer named Alison Jackson.

Thank God for that. I almost panicked for a second.


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