Photos Of Pablo Escobar’s Secret Trip To DisneyWorld Revealed…

Even ruthless drug lords need a bit of fun sometimes…

Known as “the king of cocaine”, the Columbian drug lord was absolutely brutal with his crimes. But despite raking in millions of dollars a day, he still needed to relax occasionally. Here’s how.

For those of you who are unaware of who Pablo is, he basically found a clever gap in the drug market where he could buy 1kg of cocaine for $60 in Peru and resell in the USA at $60k. Not bad.


Image: Reddit

According to a series of photos recently uploaded to Reddit, Escobar decided that he would take a vacation to Disneyworld. But as you can see, it seems as if he didn’t enjoy it much.

Hey, he’s almost as miserable as my brother who refused to go on the rides at Thorpe Park.

As the photos were taken back in 1981, Pablo wasn’t being spied on by every FBI agent in the United States. However, his massive cocaine business allowed him to have some pretty sick holidays around the country.

Image: Reddit

Image: Reddit

According to several media reports, Pablo only went on the rides so that his son was happy. I just find it weird that one of the world’s biggest drug lords was afraid of a few small rollercoasters.

In an interview, Escobar’s son said:

“Our family life hadn’t yet become encumbered by complications. That was the only period of pure pleasure and lavishness that my father enjoyed.”

As Pablo was “extremely impressed” with Disneyworld, he actually decided to setup his own theme park upon his return to Columbia.

Not bad.

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