Plane Grounded After Sex Toy Goes Off In Hand Luggage…

I’ve been through an airport many times. Whether I’m flying off to Dubai, Australia, France, or wherever else I normally go, the security is one thing that can sometimes get annoying.

I mean having to spill your entire luggage contents into a tray for people to see isn’t exactly great. After all, airport staff seem to love going through my stuff in a public area.

Image: Wikipedia

Image: Wikipedia

If you have items on you that may be embarrassing (eg. Sex Toys), then it’s extremely easy to understand why so many people would feel uncomfortable pouring out their luggage in front of strangers.

Whilst luggage was being loaded onto an airplane in Thailand, a baggage handler noticed that one of the bags was vibrating. In the fear that it could’ve been an explosive device planted by terrorists, bomb disposal experts were called in, and the flight was grounded.

When experts opened up a rucksack, they noticed that the vibrating device was from a silver sex toy.

“We checked it and found it was safe to take on the plane so we put back in the bag,” said one of the handlers who wished not be identified.

Image: SWNS

Image: SWNS

The airline staff decided not to tell the owner of the sex toy that their device had caused a security scare within the airport.

“I think they would be deeply embarrassed if they found out,” the baggage handler said.

If any of you are planning on taking a holiday soon, please don’t use your dildo whilst the airplane is in the air. Thank you.

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