Planet Earth II Is Now More Popular With Young People Than X Factor…

In recent statistics revealed by the BBC, it has been understood that “Planet Earth II” is now more popular than “The X Factor”.

Whilst the episode of Planet Earth about mountains managed to get over 1.8 million viewers aged 16-34, it is believed that the X Factor only managed to get 1.4 million viewers.

During an interview, David Attenborough credited the success of his new show towards the developments in technology that have allowed viewers to get even closer to nature.

The producer of the series said:

“The visual signature of the series is that you feel like the camera is with the animals. It’s very fluid, very active. For example, you might see this wonderful lemur leaping through the forest. Normally when we’d film that, we’d be standing back observing it, but here the lemur almost jumps over your shoulder and as it’s jumping over your shoulder, you’re with it – the camera is running with it.”

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