Pogba Dancing To Rick Astley Is Truly Amazing…

As you will be aware, Paul Pogba recently made the most predictable transfer of the year from Juventus to Manchester United for £89m. In my personal opinion, this transfer was probably one of the best things to happen for Manchester United since Sir Alex Ferguson left the club.

So far, Manchester United have signed the likes of Bailly, Ibrahimovic, and Mkhitaryan. But of course, they decided to announce the transfer in the best possible way: Get Stormzy to do it!

Although it’s certainly a weird move, I gotta give credit to them for allowing Stormzy to do it. It’s what they wanted to do, and they did it. Simple.

Some guy got inspired by the Stormzy video, and decided to put together this pretty funny video of Paul Pogba dancing to Rick Astley.

WARNING: Once you have seen this video, it cannot be unseen…


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