Police In Desperate Hunt For Woman Having Sex With Toy Dinosaur…

What do you like to do on a day out? Go to the cinema? Go to a theme park? Or just go on a “chill sesh?” Whatever you guys like to do, I can guarantee that you have nothing on this person.

A woman decided that whilst on a lovely day out, she would shag a dinosaur at a kid’s park. Now, I’m not quite sure why she did this if I’m totally honest. But if she likes a bit of Dino dick, then good on her I guess…

Image: APEX News

Image: APEX News

The incident happened whilst at Devon’s Exmouth Dino Trail. As the dinosaur was in an egg at the time of this horrific event, we assume that it was a baby dino.

As the woman has still not been captured and punished, I expect that she is finding more dinosaurs to sexually assault. Sergeant Richard Stonecliffe said”

“We have been made aware of two pictures that were posted on social media this week which appear to show a woman exposing herself whilst undertaking a distasteful act in public, and exposing herself in a local public house. “

Image: APEX News

Image: APEX News

As children were just feet away from the woman, parents are understandably upset that they had to witness such as tragedy.

If you find the woman, please contact the police immediately. Thank you.

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