Pornhub Are Offering You $50,000 To Help Kim Kardashian…

This is probably the best news that anyone could tell me right now. Pornhub are willing to give $50k to anyone who gives information that leads to the capture of her robbers.

I’m pretty sure that everyone is gonna be a detective for the next few days searching the internet. After all, who wouldn’t want $50k extra in their bank account?

Image: NY Mag

Image: NY Mag

During a recent press release, the porn legends referred to Kim as “a member of the Pornhub family”. That’s certainly one way to put it. If they are willing to give away a f*ck load of money to help her out, then they must care about her a bit.

In a statement, the Vice President of Pornhub said:

“Here at Pornhub we were deeply saddened to hear about the horrible incident involving Kim in Paris. We consider Kim to be a member of the Pornhub family and want to do all that we can to ensure that the perpetrators of this heinous crime are brought to justice.

We are calling on all of our fans from around the world to come together and work collectively to provide any and all information relating to the crime so we can capture the criminals.”

Image: BBC

Image: BBC

Despite her regularly slipping into my DM’s, I cannot fully confirm is Kim Kardashian is 100% cool with the offer. Either way, I’m off to get $50,000. Cya.

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