Irish Town Residents Keep Receiving Calls Meant for Babestation!

I don’t care who you are…you probably knew the TV number off by heart for Babestation. Hey, I even had a favourite person called Amanda. It’s probably a little weird that I still remember the name, but oh well, she was hot. Until they decided to turn the sound on and you could actually hear her voice, that is.


I would never have been confident to call up properly though, and I’m not creepy enough to choose the ‘listen in’ on someone else’s call option. But, we did prank call once…aren’t we cool?!

I’d imagine that some of the calls are absolute filth…so can you imagine the horror of the local residents of the small town of Westport in County Mayo, Ireland – who are apparently being inundated with calls!!



Hundreds of the horny Irish have been dialling the premium-rate numbers without adding the international dialling code (0044)…which has led to them calling random people in Westport.

Babestation have apologised for the mix up which has led to some residents becoming “aggravated and annoyed”


…but I think it’s fair to say that most people are finding it hilarious:

img_0385 img_0387

These are calls that I’d definitely choose the ‘listen in’ option for. Who knows, maybe there’s an Aunty Margaret out there who’s having the time of her life!

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