Rob Kardashian Admits To Having A Crush On One Of His Sisters…

As they enter our news feeds pretty much every day, you would believe that you know all there is to know about the Kardashian family. But I can pretty much guarantee that you didn’t know this.

In a recent confession, Rob admitted that he had a massive crush on one of his sisters.

Image: TBS

Image: TBS

At the start of the interview, he said that Blac Chyna had a celebrity crush on Ricky Martin when she was younger. To be honest, I think that’s fair enough- considering that most women did back then.

One thing that certainly surprised me was when Blac said that Rob’s childhood crush was his sister- Kim Kardashian. This is so many levels of wrong.

Image: US Magazine

Image: US Magazine

Although I admit that Kim is hot right now, it is just a massive surprise to find out that even her own brother wanted to get with her.

I just wanna know what Kanye will say about this.

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