Russian Man Goes Viral After Throwing Girlfriend In The Bin…

Hahaha, this one just came straight outta Moscow.

There are many different ways to deal with a cheating girlfriend. Personally, my favourite is to get all of her stuff, and sell it a garage sale before she comes home from work. Another great way to take revenge is by getting a massive billboard of their head in your local town. That works brilliantly!

The above footage shows a man catching his girlfriend cheating with another guy, and proceeds to throw her in an industrial waste bin. Absolutely brilliant!

He doesn’t just gently place her. Oh no. Instead, he full on SLAMS her ass into the bin. Several comments in the video have said:

“I hope he stands guard and waits for the garbage truck so she gets the whole experience,” and “Not all heroes wear capes.”

This is why I love Russia.

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