Savage Elephant Farts in Friend’s Face

Ok, so this is possibly one of the most savage things I’ve ever seen…and I’m saying that straight after having witnessed David Attenborough commentate nonchalantly whilst a lion tears apart a cute baby antelope.

At least that can be deemed ‘nature’, this is bloody chemical warfare! Someone needs to sort themselves out!

The savage in question is an elephant named ‘Faa Mai’ (ironically, exactly what the other poor elephant had to say about these ruthless events)

What makes matters worse, is that ‘Faa Mai’ is trying to rob the mound from ‘Kabu’, whose territory it has always been. It’s Kabu’s safe space man! What sort of world are we living in now? Bloody 2016.

Turn up the volume to witness this crime against nature in its full UNglory:

The utter filth is from 00:47 onwards, but to get the context I’d recommend the whole thing.

I would say that this is a brilliant ‘brutal revenge on bully’ type video as ‘Kabu’, in all fairness, is a bit of a selfish Sam with his mound and moves anyone who comes near (it is a pretty sweet mound after all)…but this is next level. I wouldn’t do this to my worst enemy.

As you can see from the video, ‘Faa Mai’ doesn’t even have the decency just to crop dust and then move on happy with herself. She, instead, calculates her situation, brews one up, puts her legs either side of Kabu’s head, and heartlessly Donald TRUMPS one out on his face.

You can almost see Kabu’s world shatter into pieces if you watch closely.


This is meant to be an Elephant Sanctuary for Christ’s sake! #prayforKabu

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