Savage Graffiti Seen In South London Park

Wow! This is a treat for us all. I have never seen such ridiculously fu*cked up graffiti.

These outrageous images were captured last week by a member of the public – well me actually! I think we can safely say they are extremely worrying.

I mean, yeah, I absolutely laughed out loud when I saw them! Who knows what the schools are teaching kids these days! Hands up if you’ve ever seen a winkle (aka – bredda’s genital area) WITH A FACE!!!

IMAGE: Leanne Elms

IMAGE: Leanne Elms

For starters …. How do you spell MOUTH?? Because clearly, someone is having a little trouble with the English Language!

I swear that says MOTH?? Any one disagree?  And actually, what I think has happened here …. the culprit has realised his/her spelling error and tried to rectify it by sneakily adding the ‘U’ in! In the wrong fu*cking place!!! Now quote me if I’m wrong – but does anyone else think that says MUOTH???

Moving swiftly on to the penis and scrotum – WITH A FACE!


IMAGE: Leanne Elms

What the hell are schools teaching these kids today in Sex Ed? Or maybe it’s not even the schools! Maybe this / these savage graffiti artist(s) have been born as ‘the special ones’ and do have faces on their winkles!

A passer by who didn’t want to be named for personal reasons said “It’s a disgrace that one cannot spell nor draw”.

Another passer by said “I’m up for a bit of fancy art on the wall, but not when it looks Rolf Harris with two scrotum hanging from his chin”.

People really are flabbergasted by these public displays of genitalia and bad grammar!

Here’s some opinions from the local residents –


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