Simon and Tara from The Inbetweeners are Engaged!

No WAY! I’ve got to admit, I didn’t even know they were seeing each other…this is amazing.

The Inbetweeners nailed British humour: the awkwardness, the sarcasm, the dark humour, the wit…I mean, I could go on for a while. Please tell me you saw the American attempt at copying it? It was the worse thing in the world, it just didn’t get it.

In the real Inbetweeners, however, surely one of the most memorable, and cringeworthy scenes, has to be when Simon is dirty talking with Tara:

I remember falling in love with her a bit that episode.

After meeting on that set, somehow, Joe Thomas (Simon) managed to pull off wonders by overcoming the inevitable awkwardness and asking Hannah Tointon (Tara) on a date – and they have been together ever since (that was 2010)!

Whilst the couple, like most normal human beings, want to keep their love lives private…an insider has revealed that their families are planning the marriage which is due very soon. Just look at them!


When speaking about their relationship, Joe said that he’s very protective and tries to impress her often. Though what I love the most is that he admits that the Inbetweeners scene isn’t too far from the truth:

“There’s a lot of embarrassment involved…if you’ve got a chance of humour, you can sift around those bits”

“You have to accept. If you are a man, you’re a bit of a fool, and a sense of humour is a way of taking responsibility for your own awkwardness and patheticness”

I don’t know why, but the idea of these two awkward lovers actually together in real life makes me happy.

Right, time to find my own Tara.

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