Simon & Will From The Inbetweeners Studied At Cambridge University

Since The Inbetweeners hit our screens back in 2008, it has certainly provided many laughs amongst friends, and has given many people an insight into what life in the Sixth Form is like. But during an interview, it was revealed that both Simon & Will from the Channel 4 TV Show studied at Cambridge University.

Joe Thomas (Simon) & Simon Bird (Will) talked about their university experience together studying English. Joe said:

“I remember feeling very tired. Simon and I were at Cambridge and it was really intense. I didn’t ring home, I didn’t read a newspaper and I didn’t watch any television. I was in a bubble because I was just incredibly busy.”

Whilst asked if they had any regrets about University, Simon simply replied:

“I guess I would try to make a few more friends.”

(Interview Source: The Guardian)

The Inbetweeners was certainly a series which we all have fond memories of. Although the series has ended, and no more movies are being made (apparently), it will certainly be a classic British show.

What do you think of Simon & Will studying at Cambridge? Let me know in the comments.

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