Six Prisoners Escape Through Toilet on Christmas Day

Right, so I feel I have somewhat of a connection to this particular story as I ALSO happened to squeeze one out in the toilet this Christmas Day.

Pardon me for being so rude, it was not me it was my…2 Turkeys, 1 chicken, 1 duck, 35 roasties, 16 Brussels, 10 parsnips, 5 sausage meats.


I have a fairly widespread family. 4 Christmas dinners though, who’s complaining?

Anyway, whilst you were enjoying your obligatory family fights, 6 prisoners from Tennessee decided to give themselves the gift of freedom in something reminiscent of Shawshank Redepmption (if you don’t read the rest of this article in the voice of Morgan Freeman I’ll be slightly disappointed).


The men took advantage of ‘rusted screws’ and ‘recent plumbing repairs’ to completely remove the toilet in a cell and kick through the tin board which, including the barbed wire fence outside, was the only barrier between them and the outside world.


Man, I’ve just watched Prison Break, Narcos and Shawshank. I was expecting some next level of escaping, not just removing a pissing toilet. Where are the full body tattoos? Though I doubt it’s as good a look to simply have a toilet permanently inked on you as opposed to the map of a prison. That would be a bit s**t really.

5 of the 6 men have since been arrested, but the man still on the loose (Frazier), is by all means the most dangerous – having committed aggravated robbery and possession of a weapon.

Eric Click, John Mark Speir, Steven Edward Lewis, John Shehee, Harce Allen, and David Frazier

Eric Click, John Mark Speir, Steven Edward Lewis, John Shehee, Harce Allen, and David Frazier

If you’re like me, you’re probably thinking two things: ‘Shehee. Lol’ and ‘only in America’…but no, only earlier this month did we have something similar!

James Anthony Whitlock escaped from HMP Pentonville in London by removing the bars on his cell with diamond-tipped cutting equipment!


I don’t want to begin to think how he smuggled that in…ouch.

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