Slim Shady, Drugs & Talent: How Eminem Became A Superstar…

Whilst growing up in the USA, Eminem had a really tough life- as we saw in 8 Mile. But despite the drugs and his controversial music, he managed to break through the scene and rise to become one of the most successful rappers in history.

After entering the scene in the 1990s, he dropped hits such as “my name is” and “guilty conscience” which went straight into the charts. Although he annoyed a sh*t tonne of people throughout the career, we would now consider him to be the most successful artist of the decade. So here’s a bit about his life story…

Image: Interscope

Image: Interscope

At the young age of 14, Eminem began his rap career by spitting bars in the playground. Using the alias “M&M”, his lunchtime freestyle battles earned him respect in the local area.

Despite trying to make it into a “black man’s genre” and receiving loads of hate, Marshall spent loads of time in the underground, and managed to finish 2nd in the 1997 rap olympics.

As we saw in 8 mile, Eminem used all of his breaks from work in order to focus on his music. When his mum was out of the home, he would perfect his tracks to brilliant standards. I can only imagine that hard work and dedication got him to where he was.

In 2007, Eminem was eating loads of unhealthy food and taking drugs. After suffering from an overdose of methadone, he was reportedly left just 2 hours from dying.

Despite receiving a bit of hate now and then, I gotta be honest and say that Eminem is a massive inspiration to many people across the planet. Respect.

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