Snoop Dog Narrates ‘Planet Earth’ High – ‘Planet Snoop’

Well well well Snoop Doggy Dog! Haven’t you brought a treat to our eyes you cheeky little sausage you!

Our Mr Doggy dog has revealed a new series in which he narrates his very own version of David Attenborough’s prestigious ‘Planet Earth’ and has called it ‘Planet Snoop’ on his site ‘Merry Jane’.

In the popular  series, Attenborough’s profound voice provides great comfort to it’s vast audience whilst unveiling ‘life on Earth’! And the audience just can’t get enough of it!

In Snoop Dogs also popular series (to a different type of audience) ‘Planet Snoop’ – the legendary rapper, gives his own commentary on nature and animals whilst (apparently) absolutely off his face on weed! Well happy days for Snoop! Although he must have the munchies like a bad man the amount he must be smoking to get through all those episodes! Quick – stock up Walmart – Snoop Dog’s coming…..

The first video of many, “Squirrel vs. Snake,”  shows the self-confessed cannabis expert commentating on a battle between – yes, you guessed it guys, a snake and a squirrel  and was unveiled on Friday.

Take a look at the video below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Oh and FYI – I am a self-confessed carb expert! Could I bring out ‘Planet Leanne’ eating a burger?


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