Snoop Dogg Helps Miley Cyrus Throw an Epic Weed Party…

Think of the most uncool thing you can think of. Crocs? Worse than those. Double-denim? Worse than that, too. That’s how cool I look when I try to smoke weed. I’m the type of person who would call a joint ‘a dooby’, hold it like a pen, and have to be taught how to properly inhale.

So, I think I’ll be leaving the weed parties to good old Miley Cyrus.

Yes, Miley Cyrus has just thrown an epic weed party as a combined (or ‘joint’…lol) birthday present for her little sister, Noah, her fiancé Liam Hemsworth, and Flaming Lips singer Wayne Coyne.


The best thing about it? The event was fully catered by Snoop Dogg and his weed company, ‘Merry Jane’.


I would say, ‘imagine’ copious amounts of weed, CBD infused cocktails (weed-garitas), bongs…and a…horse statue – but you don’t have to, Miley instagramed pretty much everything!

img_0432 img_0433 img_0434

As someone who attended the weed party noted:

“There was literally a whole bar with bowls of joints, laced chocolate and bags of marijuana for guests to take”

I’ve got to admit…it sounds like a fairly ‘dope’ event.

Snoop even went out of his way to give Miley a little gift of her own…


Yes, a Vase-shaped bong (with flowers on). Of course that was the present.

Whilst I would have undoubtedly stuck out like a sore thumb, I kinda wish I was there. Don’t you?!

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