Spiders Found In ASDA Bananas That Will Give You 4 Hour Erections…

I suggest that you check your fruit bowl now…

A family was recently forced to leave their home after finding dozens of deadly spiders crawling out bananas that they purchased from ASDA. A mother of two children, Sophie Newcombe, was unpacking her weekly shopping when she noticed a white nest attached to a banana.

Image: Live Science

Image: Live Science

As she accidentally dropped it, loads of spiders crawled in several directions. Known as the “Brazilian wandering spider”, they can give a bite that causes a four-hour erection, followed by death.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that deadly spiders have been found in a UK supermarket:

Sophie’s husband said:

“The nest was around the size of a 20p piece, and they were just falling out of it onto the floor.

I grabbed the hoover and tried to suck up as many as I could, but they were running off everywhere. My partner was absolutely petrified.”

The couple from Leicester decided to temporarily move out their house, and have called on ASDA to fumigate it before moving back in.

Image: Wikipedia

Image: Wikipedia

If you have recently purchased bananas from Asda, I highly suggest that you check them out. After all, I would hate to have one of these f*ckers running around my house.

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