Streetfighter to Publicly Shame Rage Quitters!

I have a confession to make.

When I was young (lol, I never stopped), I was the type of person who would save the game on Championship Manager before every match, and rage quit if for some ridiculous reason the mighty Charlton Athletic were being beaten by Real Madrid in the Champions League Final.

What can I say, I’m an awful person.

But what is more awful, is when you’re playing another person on an online game, they realise that you have just made them look silly, and decide to quit before the game is finished – as if by doing so means it never happened in the first place.

If this is you, look yourself in the mirror right now.

The frustration is indeed real, and Street Fighter V have become the first game to publicly shame people who regularly quit before a match is ended.

Look, I know it’s excruciating to be K.O’d by a lairy 5 year old from across the world, who then decides to rub it in by cussing your Mum…but that’s what you signed up to when you started button mashing a pro. Deal with it.

Those who never quit will also be rewarded, receiving their own icon – like a golden star in Primary School or a sticker from the Dentist…Nobody likes a goody two-shoes, so make sure to quit every so often to maintain some street (fighting) cred.

Bluku Bluku...D Double E as Streetfighter

Bluku Bluku…D Double E as Streetfighter

The game will then try to match up people who are not “undermining the integrity of the online gaming experience”.

Just imagine a game where you go to rage quit and your opposition gets their first. How do you get your rage quit satisfaction then?! I picture TV screens with remote control shaped holes in them. Bad times.

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