“Success Kid” Has Grown Up. And We Are Pretty Jealous Of His New Talent…

If you have been on the internet during the last few years, you will have almost certainly heard of success kid. Personally, I loved to use him as a meme to let everyone know that I was gonna fail my biology test.

But it may be worth knowing that the boy only struck that amazing pose because he ate some sand. Wow.

This kid is pretty cool. After becoming an internet sensation before he was able to sh*t all by himself, Sammy Grimmer has grown up and is perusing the dream of becoming a beatboxer. I’m 100% serious. You can check out the video here:

#SuccessKid the #beatboxer

A video posted by Laney Griner (@laneymg) on

Well, that was unexpected. Now we just gotta get him hooked up with the “charlie bit my finger” kid and arrange a party for people that went viral because of their face.

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