Here’s Why Surrey Police Had An Armed Standoff With An Empty House…

Occasionally, we all f*ck up pretty badly. But this is just on another level. Below is a small list of things that I have wasted my time & money on:

  1. Girls
  2. I purchased 3 KFC Bargain Buckets when I was drunk. But could only manage to eat 1 chicken wing.
  3. College work
  4. An unused gym membership
  5. A PS4 Remote that was £20 cheaper in the shopping isle next to it

Now, those are fairly normal things to waste a bit of time & money on. The Police recently f*cked up pretty badly after they spent a lot of time having an armed standoff with a house… for 10 hours.

Image: SWNS

Image: SWNS

Surrey Police recently admitted to getting 150 Police Officers to attend an “armed standoff” outside what they believed to be the home of a Drug Dealer named Paul Hodge.

Officers were fully armed with assault rifles, and other weapons as they stood outside the home, waiting for a gunman to emerge. But after a long wait of 10 hours, they searched the home and found nobody to be there.

Image: SWNS

Image: SWNS

Anyone with any information about Paul Hodge should call Surrey Police on 999 immediately. In interviews, local neighbours described the standoff as a “complete joke”.

This is just brilliant.

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