Teen Tragically Falls To His Death Whilst Attempting To Take A Selfie…


A teenager from Russia has sadly fallen to his death after he fell from a building whilst taking a selfie. Being identified as Tamerlan, the boy died immediately as his body hit the ground. Several onlookers stood by and filmed the incident as he tried to pull himself to safety.

Images: YouTube

Images: YouTube

Local media reports have said that he was taking a selfie and lost his footing, but others are claiming that it was a suicide attempt- and he changed his mind.

One of his friends said:

‘He argued with his girlfriend before climbing onto the roof,’ adding, ‘I reckon maybe he just wanted to scare her and I certainly don’t think he wanted to commit suicide. But by the time he slipped, it was too late.’

Image: Macworld

Image: Macworld

I have decided not to include a link to the video in this article. I just wonder why people didn’t go and help him down from the roof instead of filming it?

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