Tekken 7 is Coming Out Soon!!

OK, I’m just going to admit it straight away…I’m a button masher.

I’m the type who will somehow get you in the corner and just press the kick button till you die from painful shins. It’s just what I do.


I’m going to change (nah I’m not), however, as…TEKKEN 7 IS COMING OUT ON JUNE 2nd!!

Watch the trailer here:

I can’t wait. The graphics look ridiculously good, so much so, that you can practically see the fear in the character’s eyes as their heart is being ripped from their chest, still pumping.


The makers, Bandai Namco (fairly fitting that my Corrective text changed their name to‘Bandaids’), have revealed that this will be the best Tekken to date as they have made use of the ‘Unreal Engine’ – which apparently significantly improves the life-like nature of the game.

I’m not gonna lie, I have no clue what an ‘Unreal Engine’ is, but it sounds unreal.

There will be 30 playable characters, including Akuma – who was previously in Street Fighter Universe – and It’s arriving on the PS4, Xbox One and PC on June 2nd!

Prepare that mate who’s gonna smacked up…


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