Tesco Evacuated After Brutal Seagull Attack…

This is probably the best thing I’ve heard this week…

When I go to Tesco to grab a quick lunch on occasion, the meal deals are something that I will often take advantage of. After all, a sandwich, crips, and a drink for £3 is a brilliant offer!

Recently, a seagull flew straight into a Tesco store and headed straight for the meal deal isle. But when it discovered that the shelves were empty due to popular demand, it started to brutally attack customers.

Image: SWNS

Image: SWNS

After a long rampage for several minutes, the store was evacuated as security made attempts to calm the bird down. Eventually, it finished its tantrum next to a sign for pet insurance. Here’s some footage recorded of the incident:

One of the workers in the store said:

“The seagull flew into the shop at about 8.30pm, and I was unaware of its presence until it nearly flew into my head.”

The Seagull was soon caught by the relevant authorities. Thankfully, Tesco’s have now learnt their lesson to keep replenishing empty shelves in order to avoid future attacks like this.

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