The FIFA 17 Demo Has Just Dropped! Here’s Our First Impressions…

Earlier today, the FIFA 17 demo dropped for Playstation 4 and Xbox One. So of course, we decided to download it and share our thoughts.

It feels like I’ve had to wait an eternity for this to to be released. I guess that’s mainly because of the massive hype surrounding FIFA 17. Surprisingly, the demo even features “The Journey” which was a highly anticipated feature by myself and many others.

Image: EA Sports

Image: EA Sports

As I enter the game, the teams available to play include Juventus, Real Madrid, Manchester United, and more. So the first impressions are extremely good. After all, the new Frostbite engine allows it to be absolutely insane!

During the gameplay, the overall feeling is really nice. However, I seemed to have a few problems with taking free kicks. The redesigned system means that you’ll probably kick the ball over the stadium before you manage to get it in the goal.

Image: FIFA 17

Image: EA Sports

As we enter “The Journey”, a sh*t tonne of cut scenes gives the whole game a cinematic experience. But stripped down to the core, this game mode just feels like “Be A Pro” that we are all familiar with…

I think that it’s certainly lived up to its exceptions so far. Fans will have to wait until September 27 in order to download the full game.

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