Here’s What Happened When 50 Cent & The Game Met Up…

Many years ago, it seemed as if 50 Cent & The Game were tight. But after problems with the Record Label, a feud started between them. This is exactly the point where 50’s album The Massacre was pushed back by Interscope to accommodate for The Game.

After years of strong tensions between them, it seems as if we finally have proof that the feud between the pair has ended.

According to TMZ, 50 Cent & The Game met up in a LA Strip Club. After grabbing the mic, The Game said:

“I fuck with 50, what happened that shit was twelve years ago… It’s 2016, aint nobody on that old shit”.

Image: YouTube

Image: YouTube

Now that the tensions are over, is there a possibility of us hearing a G-Unit album? We certainly hope so.

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