The Game Has Just Revealed Which Kardashians He Slept With…

If you anything about The Game, you will probably be aware that he admitted to having sex with 3 Kardashians in a song. But after much anticipation, he has now revealed who it was.

In the lyrics for “Sauce”, he said:

“I used to fuck bitches that Usher Raymond passed on. Then I fucked three Kardashians. Hold that thought.”

As a couple of the Kardashians will shag anything that moves, there was a bit of speculation as to who the 3 members were. However, after appearing on the The Wendy Williams Show, The Game revealed the answers that we had all been waiting for.

Image: Billboard

Image: Billboard

Wendy said:

“The Game has a song and in the song you clearly hear him say that he slept with three Kardashians,” and then asked: “Have you slept with Khloe?”

To be honest, he didn’t actually respond to this. But the guilty look in his eyes revealed all that we needed to know. After refusing to admit that he slept with Kourtney, he was then asked about Kim. With a bit of silence and a cheeky smile, the crowd cheered. You can check out the interview here:

I’ve only mentioned two members of the Kardashian’s so far. It turns out that the third was Blac Chyna. Although she isn’t a Kardashian yet, Blac is currently the Fiancee of Rob Kardashian.


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