The New GTA 5 Update Is Here! Here’s What’s Included…

Earlier today, the much anticipated Bikers DLC was released. So whether you’re a good motorcycle rider, or a wannabe gangster, you will certainly consider this update to be great.

A couple of hours after the update was released, Rockstar released full details about it. So here’s what you can enjoy.

Image: Rockstar

Image: Rockstar

  • New Vehicles 

There’s now over thirteen new bikes for you to ride. With everything from Choppers to Sport Bikes, there is something that everyone will like. My personal favourite is the nightblade. As expected, these new vehicles are available to purchase from Southern San Andreas Super Autos and Legendary Motorsports.

  • New Weapons

With several new weapons available from Ammu-Nation, players are now able to melee enemies from the seat of their bike. The best sh*t available is probably the battle axe, and the compact grenade launcher.

  • Biker Bonus Week

Until October 10th, Biker bonus week is available for players on PS4 & Xbox One. As soon as you login, you’ll be able to receive a FREE hoodie to your wardrobe. You’ll also get 25% off high capacity magazines.

Image: Rockstar

Image: Rockstar

After playing this for an hour today, I can tell you that the update is sick. If any of you have PSN, feel free to comment your username and we can do a bike meetup sometime.

Enjoy lads.

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