The Queen’s Guard Is Currently In Big Trouble After Doing This On Duty…

This guard was completely “outta line” for doing this…

A Queen’s guard has decided to snort cocaine from the tip of his sword whilst on duty at St James Palace. Major James Coleby appears to be absolutely f*cked after his “activity” sparked an internal investigation from the Ministry Of Defence.

Image: Linkedin

Image: Linkedin

It is reported that the incident happened inside the Officer’s Mess Hall whilst several alcoholic drinks were being served to officers and guards. This 20 second video pretty much sums up the whole incident:

After the video was discovered, it managed to go viral incredibly quickly. Within it, Coleby says:

“How much? Two inches? You want two inches of that? If you get rid of that I’ll be mightily impressed.”

At the time in which this video was filmed, Major James Coleby was the most senior member of staff on duty. The Palace, in Central London, is currently home to Princesses, Eugenie and Beatrice. However, it’s believed that they were not home at the time. Probably for the best…

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