The Trailer For HBO’s Slenderman Looks Insanely Terrifying!

Beware the Slenderman is a brand new documentary that will be hitting our TV screens soon. Focusing on the true story of two 12 year old girls that stabbed their friend in order to please Slenderman, it certainly sends chills running down your spine.

The event in question happened during 2014 when Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier stabbed their mate, Payton Leutner 19 times. Ouch.

After being interviewed by Police, the girls confessed to their actions, and have since been charged with first-degree intentional homicide. As the incident was so serious, they will be tried as adults.

According to reports, the documentary will talk about how they became so obsessed with the fictional horror character. As I watch most of my TV at around 11pm after work, this won’t be the easiest bedtime viewing.

Sweet dreams guys.

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