The Trailer For The Little T Movie Has Dropped. Check It Out Here…

Little T is one of those guys who we can’t help but love. There. I said it. After watching his Anti-Bullying campaign video, it’s hard to throw hate at him.

Of course, we were pretty intrigued when we heard that a documentary about him was being released. Following the uprise of Grime in the ghetto of Blackpool, Little T and his friends talk about their situation, and their thoughts on what people are saying.

I’m not gonna waste anymore of your time. I just like getting the word count up on these articles to be honest. So here’s the trailer for the documentary:

It actually looks alright. I’m gonna go and ask BGM if I can get a ticket to the premiere. With insane lyrics, stunning backdrops, and Jack Wilkinson on the cam, Little T has been nothing short of a rap wannabe recently.

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