The Young Grime Scene Is About To Get Absolutely Mental…

If you have been paying attention to social media lately, you will certainly have noticed a young lad called “Little T” trying to make waves in the grime scene. From Lancashire, he has managed to get millions of views on his attempts at rapping/spitting bars at a girl named Soph Aspin.

Completely on par with the rapping skills of my 4 year old Sister, Little T is a “rapper” that pledges allegiance to the streets of Liverpool with his intimidating haircut, and his friend who is supposed to be part of his crew- but simply just stands there embarrassed that he’s being seen with T.

Image: YouTube

Image: YouTube

In his most popular video “Who You Are”, Little T and his friend walk around several industrial estates trying to look cool for a music video. I’m not gonna lie, it’s extremely entertaining.

If you skip to 1:04, you’ll see the duo leaving a chip shop. Now, I’m not one to speculate, but I’m pretty sure that they entered a chippy simply because they can’t gain access to a pub.

But the insane lyrics from Little T do not end there. In his song “Tell Em”, he spits absolute fire:

“Look, when I was about six, that’s when I got my first stitch. And now, I am 7, wondering what it’s like to be in heaven. Look, now I am nine, that’s when I found out that I could do grime”.

Image: YouTube

Image: YouTube

Damn, Yungen and Stormzy better watch out with Little T spitting out these lyrics. For those of you wondering about my personal opinion, yes- this whole article was a p*sstake. Enjoy.


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