There’s Another Planet That Supports Life – According To This Guy!

I’ll keep this one short and sweet, mainly because I am stuck for words on what I have just witnessed from the following footage! I would just like to point out, that ‘I am NEVER stuck for words’ … normally

The audience and viewers of ‘The Chase’ were left flabbergasted by this answer from 24 year old contestant, Jack from Bristol.

Host of TV quiz show ‘The Chase’, Bradley Walsh, asked the young contestant “What is the only planet in the universe known to support life?”



Jack replied …………..  ‘MARS’!!!!!!!!!

Jiminy cricket and shag me sideways! WTF…. I know he was probably cacking his pants bless him! But all he had to do was look down at himself and say EARTH!!!

I do feel a tad sorry for the poor lad as I’ve got a horrible, yet hysterically funny feeling that this huge 2 second balls up is going to stay with him forever.

Watch the video below…


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