These Parents Are Spending £15k A Year To Make Their 8 Year Old Famous…

Well this is just all kinds of levels of wrong…

An 8 year old boy from Woolwich (London) has been utterly spoilt by his parents after they have been spending over £15,000 per year in order to make him famous.

Image: SWNS

Image: SWNS

Theodore Liang is reportedly taking acting and dance classes, and is even launching his own fashion line next year. I’m going to be honest with you though: I wouldn’t want fashion advice from an 8 year old. His parents, Hayley and Steffan, have been trying to get him to achieve fame since he was a baby.

Steffan said:

“Theo has grown up exceeding expectations in all areas, particularly performing arts, social media, design, film and modelling. His ability to relate to modern media and emerging marketing opportunities, has given way to his fashion line, his music, acting, YouTube and dance career.”

The family, who are from South East London, claim that their dream is to make Theodre famous. I admit that I am not a life coach. However, I reckon that this kid should spend his childhood with all the other kids- instead of working.

Image: SWNS

Image: SWNS

When I was 8, I just wanted to play on my Gameboy and eat a sh*t tonne of pizza.

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