These Triplets Do Absolutely Everything Together…

I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have an identical twin. They could go to the classes I hate, trade girlfriends for the night, you get the idea. But for 3 Irish girls, that is the exact pleasure they get to experience every day.

Alison, Laura and Nicola Crimmins do literally everything together. Ranging from things such as diets, exercise and beauty routines, and they even have the same bra size. I’m sure that anyone would envy the guy having sex with all three of them at once…

Laura is certainly fond of their lifestyle:

“We live identical lives so we look the same and we love it! We use exactly the same products and get all our beauty treatments together – whether that’s spray tanning, nails, make-up or our haircuts. We all book ourselves in for an appointment with our hairdresser Kathy at the same time so our locks look identical.”

Image: News Dog Media

Image: News Dog Media

As the girls are models, It is certainly important that they look similar. She added:

 “It’s important for our job as triplet models that we look exactly alike so we eat the same diet and exercise together too.”

Image: News Dog Media

Image: News Dog Media

Although people were interested in signing the triplets at a very young age, they rejected modelling agencies until they were 16. The Crimmins now have thousands of fans, and recently featured in the World’s Sexiest Sisters list.

A few lads may need notifying when it’s bedtime…

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