This Brilliantly Ridiculous Answer on ‘Pointless’ Instantly Kills A Friendship

Answering difficult questions can be tricky even when sitting with the family playing trivial pursuit. However, in the spotlight on TV, I am certain that the pressure really is extremely high.

‘Pointless’, is a TV quiz show where contestants work in pairs and are challenged to find the most peculiar answers to general knowledge questions. Sounds simple doesn’t it?

Clearly not for one contestant, a geography A-Level student called Sarah who took part in the TV quiz show with her ‘friend’ Mariam.

IMAGE: Copyright Unknown

IMAGE: Copyright Unknown

The question asked by ‘Pointless’ host Alexander Armstrong was to “name a country that ended with two consonants.”

So let’s have a little play … what could she have chosen? Hmmmm… How about we start with the easiest – England! Then there was also Denmark, Egypt and many more!

But hey … before we go too crazy on the piss taking, let’s remember the pressure this poor girl must have been under whilst trying to think of the answer. The studio lights, the audience and obviously her very ‘supportive’ friend.

The contestant – Sarah,  A-level geography student said …. PARIS!

The face that Sarah’s ‘friend’ and team mate Mariam pulled when Sarah said the dreaded word ‘Paris’ was priceless! What a shit friend! LOL!

It was very clear to see that Sarah felt like a first class twat once she had said it as she said to host Alexander Armstrong “I don’t know, I can’t think of anything. I’m having a blank.”

A blank?? Bloody hell Sarah! Not only has has Paris got a vowel and a consonant as the last two letters, but most importantly …. it’s not a bloody COUNTRY!!

See the footage below and make sure you look at the question on the board!

Oh and please make sure you have a look at Sarah’s friend Mariam’s face when she hears PARIS! LOL



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