This Dash Cam Footage Shows Cops Smash Guys Face Against Windscreen…

An American man has recently filed a lawsuit after Police smashed his face against a patrol car. Reportedly, the guys face hit the windscreen with so much force that it was heavily cracked.

The dash cam footage shows Pele Smith being escorted by cops to the nearest patrol car whilst in handcuffs. Occurring in Lorain, Ohio, this event has caused a lot of embarrassment to the local Police force.

Image: WKYC

Image: WKYC

Pele was apparently arrested due to concerns about drug use in the area. However, instead of placing him in the backseat (which is normal police procedure), these officers threw him against the windscreen.

Although Smith was treated for facial injuries, the chief of Police has defended the actions of his officers. I just can’t imagine why someone of such authority would treat someone like sh*t.

According to a statement by Lorain Police Chief Cel Rivera, Pele tried to destroy evidence of drug use, and  ‘physically resisted officers’. However, the footage only shows him calling out for people to ‘look after his son’.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about this incident. Were the Police officers justified in their actions? Let me know.

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