This Guy Called Jeremy Kyle A C*nt And Gets Absolutely Destroyed…

I’m not going to lie to you, I love a bit of Jezza now and then whilst working. Who doesn’t? After all, it gives a brilliant perspective of how good my recent life choices were. But earlier today, things got massively chaotic on the Kyle show.

A lad called Lee decided to throw his mic at his ex-girlfriend, as well as calling Jeremy Kyle a massive “c*nt”. Being an ex-con, he also decided that it would be a brilliant idea to smash a brand a new TV in the studio.


Image: ITV

Image: ITV

After describing himself as a “wife beater” and saying that he used to “beat the sh*t” out of his ex-girlfriend, Jeremy wasn’t very impressed. Jezza said:

“You’ve just said that on camera. You’re a complete idiot and you will probably get arrested for that.”

After dropping the C-Bomb on Jeremy, he got told to leave the stage and proceeded to smash up a TV Screen backstage. Damn. You can check out the video here:

This is just brilliant.

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