This Guy Is Such A Bad Kisser That It’s Actually Frightening…

If you’ve been with a lot of girls/guys, I’m sure that you will have experienced a bad kisser at some point. But I’m pretty sure that they have nothing on this guy…

A TV Channel called TLC has brung out a new show called “Love at first kiss”, in which strangers are introduced and kiss within the first 30 seconds of meeting. The idea is that they kiss, find a speed date, and possibly love. Lads, if you are worried that your technique is bad, I can promise you that you’re better than Joshua:

I’m not trying to make fun of Josh. But he seems like such a sweet guy that I can’t help but feel sorry for him. In the end, his situation did get better. Slightly…

Actually, that was still pretty awkward. Close your eyes. NOW.

After coming to the TV Studio to have a innocent kiss, the girl looked traumatised by the time that Joshua was finished. As he had so many attempts, a “kissing coach” told him to use his hands a bit more. So of course, this happened:

Image: TLC

Image: TLC

Please stop those kissing noises on TV, they give me nightmares.

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