This Guy Roasting “Mansfield Grime Media” Is The Funniest Thing We’ve Seen…

With BGMedia on the rise, and Little T making waves in the scene, it was about time that a new wave of Grime artists took over the scene.

In a recent Youtube upload, gRAFF took to the camera and showed us all the talent that is Mansfield Grime Media. Here’s what he said:

Besides Beef Grime Youngers, MGM are now BGMedia’s main rival in the Grime industry. Whilst doing my  research, I noticed that all their videos were deleted.

But with 104 subscribers, their MASSIVE audience is something that I’m completely jealous of. After all, my 2.6million followers is nothing compared to that.

Unfortunately, all their videos have been deleted. Anyone else wanna join the Grime scene?

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