This Is How To Become A Successful Grime Artist…

After artists such as Little T & Grime Beef Youngers made waves on the UK Grime scene, we thought that it would be great to give you lads some advice on how to become successful like these guys. So I’ve prepared a step by step guide to help you achieve your dreams.

First, an introduction to your inspiration: Little T. Part of “Blackpool Grime Media”, this young guy thinks that he’s the absolute don when it comes to walking round town. I don’t blame him to be honest. Here’s one of his tracks:

So now you know what you are aiming to be like, I think that we should begin the advice:

  • Ensure that you have REALLY sh*t lyrics.

If you want to reach the success levels of Grime Beef Youngers etc, this is probably the most important element to include in your song. Taking inspiration from “Little T- Road Rage”, I’m going to give some examples of sh*t lyrics that may inspire you.

“Yo yeh start the bifta, I’m gonna rape your little sister”.

“Carm down with your barz, talk about my mum, talk about urs”.

Image: YouTube

Image: YouTube

  • Steal your mum’s car for the Music Video.

I ain’t gonna lie to you. This tip works really well if you are 12 years old and thinking of starting a rap career. Let’s face it, these are the really ‘ard kids that say “meet us maccies”. Wow, I’m so intimidated.

But if you wanna look really cool, then use her white Vauxhall Corsa in order to be respected in the scene.

Image: YouTube

Image: YouTube

I think those are enough tips for you. If you didn’t guess, this entire article was a p*sstake. If you wanna check out Grime Beef Youngers, then here’s a music video:

Enjoy your future Grime career.

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