This Is How To Make Your Own Oreo Creme Eggs

It’s time for a cooking lesson with Matt from TWOC. I’m not gonna give you any bullsh*t in this class, so I’ll just cut straight to the point. Here’s what you will need.


– 7 chocolate cake bars
– 50g butter
– 50g icing sugar
– 30g cocoa powder
– 6 Oreo Creme Eggs
– 400g white chocolate
– Crushed Oreos

Video: UNILAD.

If you watch the video and then read this, it’ll make a lot of sense. Firstly, I’d like you to whack the cocoa powder, butter, sugar, and cake bars into a blender. Don’t be gentle with it. Pretend it’s your ex or something in there. That’s it. Throw it all in. Don’t spare a single piece.

The next bit is pretty obvious. Bled that f*cker until it’s a nice texture until it looks like cookie dough. Once this is complete, wrap the blended mix around the creme egg, and refrigerate for roughly half an hour. Then, dip the egg in white chocolate, and cover with crushed Oreo pieces. Voilla, it is ready to eat!

Image: Unilad

Image: Unilad

Okay, you may not be the next Gordon Ramsay. But I’ve just completed this process myself. Let’s just say I had an orgasm in my mouth from how nice it was.


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