This Is The Epic Moment That The Chainsmokers Fell Off The Stage…

“Closer” is undoubtably one of the biggest songs in the charts at the moment. With previous hits such as #Selfie, Don’t let me down, and Roses, the American duo are currently taking over the dance music scene.


Image: Twitter

But during a live performance, Alex managed to fall off the stage. To be honest, I’m extremely surprised that these kind of incidents don’t happen more often. With the video shot by stage production staff, it captures the brilliant moment in which Alex Pall falls from the table.

You can check out the video here:

Thankfully, no major injuries have been reported. Their song “closer” has been exploding on Twitter as multiple memes have been posted:

Hahaha. If you wanna check out their music, you can listen to “Closer” here:


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