This Is The Perfect Playlist To Accompany Your Valentines Day…

So today is undoubtably the best or worst day of the year; I guess that it just depends on your situation if I’m honest. For example, you may be spending your time in bed with the Mrs.

Alternatively, (like me) you’re working whilst watching Netflix accompanied by some Coke and popcorn. Ah, it doesn’t get any more depressing being single. But on the bright side, Steak and Blowjob day is just around the corner lads – so put March 14th into your calendars. At least I can look forward to that…

Anyway, I thought that it would be a nice idea to find some music for you all to enjoy. Whether you are single or in a relationship, we can all appreciate some good songs on Valentines day.

NoMBe – Young Hearts.

So this is probably my favourite song at the moment. With a truly amazing voice, this infectious track is certainly going to be played a few times this evening whilst I’m working. With the song starting off as subtle and then exploding into a flourishing electronic masterpiece, I can pretty much guarantee that it’s the perfect Bedroom Jam for a little bit of seduction with your lover.

The Weeknd – High For This.

Despite being released back in 2011, this contemporary RnB track is literally one of my favourite tracks whilst in the bedroom. His smooth voice accompanied by the terrific bassline certainly brings out the inner sex god within us. With lyrics such as “You don’t know what’s in store, But you know what you’re here for”, it certainly provides a seductive vibe for you and your lover.

Drake – One Dance.

Okay, so I admit that this isn’t a proper love song. But we can certainly all agree that it’s an absolute feel-good tune. And for those of us spending Valentines day alone, it’s exactly what we need to get us through.

Here’s how people on Twitter are spending their day:

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