This Is What Happened When James Corden Had A Race With Usain Bolt…

James Corden, Owen Wilson, and Usain Bolt all decided that they would have a race to determine who the fastest man in the world really is. Within the grounds of The Late Late Show car park, the “athletes” prepared for what I can only describe as a historical moment within athletics.

As I’m not gonna spoil the result for you, here’s a video to check out:

Bolt winning the race by miles was certainly a massive surprise!

Alongside the rest of the television crew, James Corden finished in 20th place. But afterwards, everyone got free pizza- so I can’t imagine anyone complaining. After the race, James made a statement saying:

“That’s the life of a professional track athlete. Some days it comes and some days it doesn’t.”

Image: The Late Late Show

Image: The Late Late Show

I’ll happily race Usain Bolt any day. Winner gets 50 chicken nuggets.

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