This Is Why A Trump Vs Clinton Sex Tape May Be About To Drop…

There is no bigger oxymoron than “sexy Donald Trump”. But for those of you who are beginning to search for a halloween costume, this may be your perfect choice…

A Donald Trump costume has been unveiled for a mere price of $69.95.  So whether you are looking to make all your work colleagues feel uncomfortable around you, or to simply get down to the “Trumpsta”, we have you covered.

Image: Yandy

Image: Yandy

With a collar, sleeveless shirt, booty shorts, and a red tie, the outfit is certainly going to attract some Trump lovers out there. The most disappointing thing is that the hat and wig are sold separately. Damn.

Of course, Yandy wanted to cover both sides of the political spectrum. Therefore, a “sexy” Hillary Clinton outfit is also available for any of you guys who like this weird sh*t.

Image: Yandy

Image: Yandy

With these two halloween costumes now on sale, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone decided to produce a homemade “sex tape” of the pair. Here’s what Twitter had to say:

I’d just like to throw in a disclaimer that a racist attitude is not included in the price. Thank you.

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